Innovative electric bicycle with a solar battery

By: Engr.Tanvir Hasan

IEB M/ 31880,


Today, many on bicycles set small motors and batteries that can be included in the case of fatigue and that turn the bike in a low-power bike. Bike – it is one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Solar Bike is an electric bike that can be powered by the sun. In the wheel of a bicycle built special solar cells that collect solar energy and help convert it into a conventional electric. On the frame fixed a battery, on which transmitted this energy.

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Recently appeared quite an interesting model of the bike under the name Solar Bike, which uses the sun’s energy for their movement.

Solar Bike designed, in order to look like any ordinary bicycle. Therefore, it is so easy to drive. Used wheel cells transmit pure energy directly to battery. Solar Bike charged even when standing still. When the bike is moving, solar cells and battery transmit energy to the engine. Solar Bike able to pass on a full charge of about 70 kilometers and a maximum speed bike can reach 50 km / h. Standard same speed Solar Bike  in electric mode – about 25 km / h