Concept Eco Refrigerator of future

M.Sc. Engg. CSE
IEB M/33372

It is hard to imagine a modern kitchen without a refrigerator, especially in the heat
of summer, when the products are perishable or lose their appearance.

Being one of the most energy-intensive equipment items, refrigerator like nothing else needs to be improved and rethinking its concept. Green inventors are not spared this
indispensable unit, drawing familiar to us in the form of a futuristic design and
intelligent functionality.

When buying a fridge, most folks look for one with increased storage space and at
the same time it should be efficient enough to reduce energy costs. Verdant – The
Eco  Refrigerator is concept  that dwells on this and more. It proposes a new
experience and reduced expenses related to food consumption and food wastages.
It helps create a healthier eco system by integrating a live reenhouse section within
the body of the fridge. Innovations in really!